Just last week one of our Pro Furniture Builders took an order worth over $4,500 for three vanities. This customer first contacted us, we referred the customer to this particular Pro Furniture Builder and he made the sale!!

And just yesterday we took in over $1,700 in orders.  And today we are giving all of those orders out to our Pro Furniture Builders.


*** Our More Than 1/2 Off Sale ***

Don’t wait – very limited quantity

We have ONE left at this price

The next builder to sign up ends this sale!

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The economy must be getting better because we are having our busiest summer ever. Most of our Pro Furniture Builders that sub contract for us are now accepting orders out at least 6 – 8 weeks and many are just flat turning work down because they are just too busy. I had to turn custom work down from two different customers just today, one from NYC and the other from NH. And this is our slowest time of the year!

We sure can use the help if you don’t mind building and shipping our products.

Monday, June 23, turned out to be a record day!  Our own sales, together with sales from a referral that we gave to one of our Pro Furniture Builders, amounted to well over $10,000!

Five vanities, (four to one household!), three medicine cabinets, and a custom bench were all sold in one day, during our historically slowest  season of the year.

We actually have some Pro Furniture Builders that are turning away work because they are simply too busy to take on any more.

What a summer we are having!!

*** Our More Than 1/2 Off Sale ***

Don’t wait – very limited quantity

send email to


Considering the multiple piece orders we have been getting lately we must be doing something right!

From New York: 2 vanities, 1 mirror, 1 medicine cabinet: $5,300+

Also from New York: 2 vanities, 1 medicine cabinet, 2 mirrors: $4,000+

From Miami, FL: 2 vanities, 2 linen towers, 2 concealed medicine cabinets: $4,200+

From Rhode Island: 6 (six!) vanities, 1 medicine cabinet: $7,000+

We could use more master craftsmen, especially on the east coast.

Seattle, Washington

We have someone in the Seattle area looking for two bathroom vanities but we have no one in the state to build them. What a shame. I hate having work to do but no people to do it.


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