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“Hi , I am so impressed by your site. I am in northern California, Pleasanton. I’m looking for a 42 inch solid wood vanity. Thanks, Wendy”


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Virginia again…

This is a request-for-quote that we just received from Charlottesville, Virginia.  We have been getting one or two of these each month from Virginia.|
“Hello,  We are remodeling our bathroom and are looking for vanities. They need to be installed prior to December 1, so that may be a problem. We have 115″ (9.58 ft.) to work with; we can use all of that area or not, but it does need to have a double sink and some drawer space.

Your website shows lovely pieces and I hope that something will work. Thank you.”

Given all the business that we have done, and continue to do there, I think we could definitly use a couple of craftsmen from Virgina.

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We were able to give our Pro Furniture Builder in Connecticut an order for a vanity the same day that he signed up with us! I love it when it works out so well.

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Success in San Francisco!

We finally have a Pro Furniture Builder in San Francisco.  And nine days after he signed up he got an order for a vanity! Congratulations Chuck!

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In just this past week we have had three orders, two vanity request for quotes and a mirror request for quote. We are now taking orders out into January and February of 2010!!

These are the towns in NY that we have sold into; many of them numerous times.  And NYC dozens of times.


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