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If you are from the Charleston, South Carolina area we are in need of you as a Pro Furniture Builder.  And if you sign up within the next couple of weeks we can even start you off with an $849.00 order!  We are willing to talk to you even if you are from another part of SC.


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Yesterday we got an order from Munich Germany.  We don’t ship outside the U.S. Fortunately they are going to be visiting the U.S. so they are taking them back on the plane with them.

Under similar circumstances we have also sold to customers in Belgium, England, and France.

We get a lot of requests from outside the U.S. but it’s just too costly to ship to other countries.

If you are a woodworking craftsman from another country and are interested in our program please contact us. Our products are very popular worldwide.

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Rhode Island

We got another beautiful order from Rhode Island yesterday.  It may be a small state but the people there LOVE our products. 

We need a Pro Furniture Builder in that state!

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Busy, busy, busy

I haven’t even had the time to post to this blog recently.  Since my last post, our NHwoodworking.com web site has had orders from Vermont, New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, two orders each from Texas and Maine, and four orders from New York!

And these are just the orders from places where we don’t have Pro Furniture Builders in place. We also sent several referrals out to various PFBs.

This is turning out to be one VERY busy year.

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Just today we got a $554.00 order from New York, a $647.46 order from Louisiana.  Unfortunately we don’t have any Pro Furniture Builders in either state!

But we did have another order which we were able to refer to a PFB in California. That always feels good.  And it looks like they are getting some additional custom work out of it too! That feels even better!!

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We now have a network of 23 craftsmen across the U.S. and Canada covering about 27 territories!  And 2010 is already proving to be a busy year as we are getting orders and request for quotes each and every day.

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South Carolina anyone?

We just got a very nice $850.00 order from the beautiful state of South Carolina! Unfortunately we have no Pro Furniture Builders in SC.  This has been a very busy holiday season. I hope it’s a sign of things to come!

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