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We got two requests for our products in Australia just last week but unfortunately it is just too expensive to ship there. 

We got a request from the Florida Panhandle for two vanities last week but they don’t want to pay for shipping either.

If interested please contact me. Sonny@ProFurnitureBuilders.com


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Both states currently have people with projects worth over $1000, wanting a Pro Furniture Builder to help them out.  And we don’t have a PFB in either state!!

Are all the craftsman in Vermont and Wisconsin totally busy, not needing the work? 

Nearly each and every day we have people from all over the world requesting that we build something for them.  We simply don’t have enough Pro Furniture Builders across the world in the right places to keep up with the demand.

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In the last four weeks we have passed on 34 referrals to our Pro Furniture Builders and have taken in over $20,000 worth of orders from areas where we have no territories yet!  Wow! And none of this includes all the business that our PFB’s have gotten themselves!

If you are a craftsman and want to make money working wood please email me at Sonny@ProFurnitureBuilders.com.  We can use some good people.

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A couple of weeks ago it was someone in Dallas TX that needed three bathroom vanities.  Now it’s 3 more bathroom vanities but this time the need is in Iowa!!  This is also a $5,000 + project.  Is there anyone in Iowa interested in joining us? 

Please email me at Sonny@ProFurnitureBuilders.com if interested.  This opportunity isn’t going to last long!

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