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I just got this email from a Pro Furniture Builder in Michigan when I asked him how things are going: “I have a closed vanity and medicine cabinet from California, I think I’m getting an open vanity, closed vanity and medicine cabinet from New Jersey. I also received a call today about another vanity from Michigan. I don’t know what happened over the last week but things suddenly turned around.”


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The possibilities…

One of our Pro Furniture Builders emailed me this just this morning…

 “I currently have a 12-16 week backlog. I am working on a solution to get this time reduced!”

 This obviously doesn’t mean that all of our PFBs are this busy but it does show what the possibilities are!

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It’s hard to believe that this is our slowest time of the year.  Just yesterday alone we got eleven phone calls and emails looking to order or looking for Pro Furniture Builders near their location. I can hardly wait until it gets busy again!

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Georgia’s On My Mind

We continue to get orders from Georgia, especially in the greater Atlanta area.  Anyone interested? I have an order in hand that I will give someone who signs up this week.

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