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Los Angeles anyone?

We are in desperate need of a Pro Furniture Builder for the greater Los Angeles area.  We have picked up approx. $3,000 worth of business in just the last 6 weeks.  And that’s from back here in New Hampshire!  Just imagine the amount of business you can have if you are local to the 2nd largest city in the USA!


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We just negotiated a huge discount for any of our Pro Furniture Builders that choose to sign up with CustomMade.com. It’s so good that we aren’t allowed to give the specific discount amount here.

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What a nice order !!

One of our Pro Furniture Builders informed us over the weekend that they just received an order for almost $5,000!  It was for 2 vanities, 2 mirrors, a bathtub panel, and a corner cupboard.  Together with all their other work they are now booked until almost September.

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I personally had a fantastic week.  I took in over $7,000 in orders from Vancouver Canada, NH, NY, RI, and TN.  And I gave it all away to our Pro Furniture Builders!!  I love weeks like this.

If I had someone local in Alabama I could have gotten another order of almost $1,000.

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