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Historically, from Christmas until now is the slowest time of our year.  This year we sold more than $16,000 worth of items during this period.  And gave it all away!!  Because we don’t compete we give all of our sales to our builders. To be able to give $16,000 in orders away in 4 weeks feels great!!!!!!!  

And that’s just the orders that we took in.  We also referred out many, many  request-for-quotes and inquiries to our PFBs.  So who knows how much business that all turned into, not to mention all the business that went to our PFBs directly.


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Although we never explicitly set out to be a commercial supplier the quality of our products has certainly been catching a lot of attention lately. We have always been popular with interior designers and bathroom remodelers but we have recently been increasingly popular among architects, home builders, and commercial builders.

Recent orders and RFQs include:

7 medicine cabinets for a home being built in Florida
36 medicine cabinets in Cincinnati, Ohio
4 bathroom vanities in Washington state vacation rental units

And our regular home business has picked up too.  This is looking to be a banner year!!

We need more craftsmen, especially from Cincinnati, Ohio east to North Carolina and from Florida across to Texas.

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