Monday, June 23, turned out to be a record day!  Our own sales, together with sales from a referral that we gave to one of our Pro Furniture Builders, amounted to well over $10,000!

Five vanities, (four to one household!), three medicine cabinets, and a custom bench were all sold in one day, during our historically slowest  season of the year.

We actually have some Pro Furniture Builders that are turning away work because they are simply too busy to take on any more.

What a summer we are having!!


Considering the multiple piece orders we have been getting lately we must be doing something right!

From New York: 2 vanities, 1 mirror, 1 medicine cabinet: $5,300+

Also from New York: 2 vanities, 1 medicine cabinet, 2 mirrors: $4,000+

From Miami, FL: 2 vanities, 2 linen towers, 2 concealed medicine cabinets: $4,200+

From Rhode Island: 6 (six!) vanities, 1 medicine cabinet: $7,000+

We could use more master craftsmen, especially on the east coast.

Seattle, Washington

We have someone in the Seattle area looking for two bathroom vanities but we have no one in the state to build them. What a shame. I hate having work to do but no people to do it.

In January we sold:

  • 21 peg racks
  • 7 mirrors
  • 5 medicine cabinets
  • 4 vanities; 2 Shaker style vanities and 2 Open style vanities
  • 1 coat rack
  • 4 double peg racks
  • 1 heavy duty peg rack with shelf
  • 1 kitchen spice rack, which is basically the same a medicine cabinet, just re-purposed

AND we gave all the orders away to our Pro Furniture Builders!!

This week we sold:

  • 6 peg racks
  • 4 mirrors
  • 3 medicine cabinets
  • 1 vanity
  • and a partridge in a… sorry, I got carried away

AND the best part is we gave all the orders away!!

We also had several referrals that we passed on to our builders.

It was a good week.

No wonder we are so busy!!

According to Woodshop News…  The home remodeling market should see strong growth in 2014, according to the Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity released by the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

“The ongoing growth that we’ve seen in home prices, housing starts, and existing home sales is also being reflected in home improvement activity,” the center’s managing director Eric S. Belsky said in a statement. “As owners gain more confidence in the housing market, they are likely to undertake home improvements that they have deferred.”

See the full article in the Woodshop News.

We desperately need master craftsmen in Virginia.  Just yesterday alone we had the opportunity to sell and build three vanities and two medicine cabinets (over $6,000!) but we had no one covering the state to do the job.  That was all in one day!!

We also need craftsmen in Maryland, D.C., New York state, and Florida!!  We have the work, we need the local craftsmen.