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If you consider yourself a Craftsman / Cabinet Maker and live in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, or anywhere in New York state (outside of NYC),

• have your own shop and tools
• can pass our quality test
• are dependable, professional, focused, and easy to work with
• can build, finish, and deliver our vanities in 4 – 6 weeks

…We have an opportunity for you, where you can work in your shop doing what you love to do while we do all the selling for you.  We have the work.  You can even do this part time, as most of our builders do.

We just need you!

If you think you have what it takes please email me at



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ALL of our Pro Furniture Builders that…

  • upgrade to our eCommerce online business solution
  • pass our quality test
  • allow us to sell on their behalf for a 15% fee (this includes all sales that we close in their territory AND sales that we close and give them from other unsold territories)
  • are professional, focused, and easy to work with
  • can build, finish, and ship one of our bathroom vanities in 2 – 4 weeks

have at least 6 weeks of work ahead of them at all times!

If you think you have what it takes and are interested please email me at Sonny@ProFurnitureBuilders.com

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We get requests for projects from Cincinnati on a regular basis but still do not have a skilled woodworker in the area.  If you are a master craftsman that enjoys building furniture and would like to make money from home doing it or would like to expand a related business that you already have then we are interested in you.  Please email me at Sonny@ProFurnitureBuilders.com. And for more information about our program go to ProFurnitureBuilders.com.

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Just this past week I personally sold six medicine cabinets, a vanity, a bench, a few peg racks, etc, totaling almost $5,000.  And gave every bit of it away to our Pro Furniture Builders!!

I can hardly believe how busy this year has been.

If you are a skilled craftsman that has been thinking about a part time or full time business building furniture at home, or maybe you already have a business that you want to expand, you should seriously consider this opportunity.

We have business.  We need woodworkers!

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In just the last six months, orders from the LA area have been averaging over $700 per month, with NO advertising, from back here in New Hampshire. These are orders that have come to us with ZERO effort on our part.

Just imagine how much business you could do if you live in the area, don’t have to ship coast to coast, and advertise. AND we would give you all the business that comes our way from this territory!

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These are the hottest metro areas in the country where we don’t have a Pro Furniture Builder yet.  Houston TX, Austin TX, Northern FL, Southeastern FL, Southwestern FL, Los Angeles CA, Cleveland OH, and Atlanta GA.

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One of our PFBs in Texas is going to be supplying a local home builder with bathroom vanities. And this home builder builds 10 – 15 homes each month !!!  Nice !!  And from past comments by PFBs around the country, remodelers and interior designers love us too!

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